Dr. JJ Heavilin has treated numerous athletes who would be considered the biggest names in sports.  He has treated many NFL Hall of Famers, Heisman Trophy winners, multiple NFL players, major college football players and the world famous WWE wrestlers simultaneously since 1991.  He has also treated many of your favorite musical artists backstage at concerts.  

Dr. JJ Heavilin prides himself on his ability to help athletes recover quickly after injuries.  This philosophy extends to the rest of his practice.


Dr. JJ Heavilin, D.C. will create flexible yet targeted treatment programs.


Dr. JJ Heavilin, D.C. is here to help you recover motor skills lost due to an accident or surgery. We are here to ensure you get back to being able to live on your own terms.

   Dr. JJ Heavilin, D.C., Inc.


Dr. JJ Heavilin, D.C. is a mobile chiropractor.  Have table - will travel.  Yes, that means he can come right to you just like he does with the pros.  It was common for doctors to travel to you not too long ago.  That great service is finally back.